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"Falling Forward (thumbnail) A NEW DAWN (thumbnail) Dreaming Artist (thumbnail) Winter (thumbnail) THE SURVIVORS (thumbnail) Jose Marti  (thumbnail) Nereid (thumbnail) The Sprinter (thumbnail) THE DIVER (thumbnail) THE DANCER (thumbnail) THE BULLFIGHTER (thumbnail) Mother Earth (thumbnail) The Satyr (thumbnail) The Faun (thumbnail) 3:00 A.M. (thumbnail) Battle of the Stallions (thumbnail) Regular sculpture class (thumbnail) Bird in flight (thumbnail) Victory (thumbnail) The Winner (thumbnail) Arabesque (thumbnail) Typical sculpture class (thumbnail) "Zen World" (thumbnail) ZEN FOUNTAIN (thumbnail) ZEN FOUNTAIN (thumbnail) ZEN FOUNTAIN (thumbnail) Weekend workshop- The Hand (thumbnail) Africa Traditional (thumbnail) African Hunter (thumbnail) Proud African (thumbnail) Ornated Africana (thumbnail) Abandonment (thumbnail) Autumn (thumbnail) Reclining Venus (thumbnail) Mother of the World (thumbnail) Arabian Sun (thumbnail) Palace of Fine Art's lagoon future fountain in San Francisco (thumbnail) In the Begining (thumbnail) Mercurio (thumbnail) Mother and Child (thumbnail) Old Africa (thumbnail) Prancing Centaur (thumbnail) The Ram (thumbnail) Female torso (thumbnail) Reclining Venus (thumbnail) African Lover (thumbnail) Africano (thumbnail) Godess of Fertility (thumbnail) The Thinker (thumbnail) The Hand (thumbnail) Faces (thumbnail) The Survivor (thumbnail) Horse bronze scultpure. (thumbnail) The Dreamer (thumbnail) President Obama (thumbnail) Mare's bust (thumbnail) Rhythm of Love (thumbnail) Kouros (thumbnail) Circle of Love (thumbnail) "Rebirth" (thumbnail) African Kudu (thumbnail) Phoenix (thumbnail) Tibia and fibula (thumbnail) Standing Female (thumbnail) Elbow bones (thumbnail) The Femur bone (thumbnail) Sculpture class (thumbnail) The happy Satyr (thumbnail) The Bullfighter (thumbnail) Feet 2 (thumbnail) Pregnant Venus (thumbnail) The Savage (thumbnail) Aries (thumbnail) Jeffrey (thumbnail) President Obama (thumbnail) Mother Earth (thumbnail) The Diver (thumbnail) Rita Gonzalez (thumbnail) Pablo and Diego Garcia Campoy (thumbnail) Khalil Brahim Hernandez (thumbnail) Etienne Suvasa (thumbnail) Three year old boy (thumbnail) Paisley (thumbnail) Mr. and Mrs. Villagomez (thumbnail) John and Bohzena (thumbnail) Mr. and Mrs. Bassut (thumbnail) "Andalusian Horse" (thumbnail) Darja (thumbnail) Diego Garcia Campoy "El Cocinerito" (thumbnail) Tija (thumbnail) Rou (thumbnail) Deniz (thumbnail) Oliver (thumbnail) Leo (thumbnail) Marta (thumbnail) "Whisper of Hope" (thumbnail) Hope (thumbnail) Maggie (thumbnail) Family (thumbnail) Hope (thumbnail) Sydney (thumbnail) "Compassion" (thumbnail) Zen World (Expressionistic Rendition) (thumbnail) Vinnie (thumbnail) Commissioned Portrait (thumbnail) Aaron (thumbnail) Rowan (thumbnail) Bailey (thumbnail) Bozena (thumbnail) Lincecum (thumbnail) JT with Daughter Emma Jane (thumbnail) TJ with Son Ace (thumbnail) "Zen World" (thumbnail) "Zen World" (thumbnail) "Zen World" Figure IV (thumbnail) "Andalusian Horse" (thumbnail) Art deco horse bust sculpture. Ltd. Ed. of 9. (thumbnail) Unicorn (thumbnail) Untitled (thumbnail) Hand drawn pastel dog portrait (thumbnail) Mudra, hindu symbolism, Budah,sacred symbol, (thumbnail) Mudra, Buddah, Sacraed symbols, hand gestures, spirituality (thumbnail) Mudra, Buddah, Sacraed symbols, hand gestures, spirituality (thumbnail) "Mothers of the World" (thumbnail) "Mudra- Dhyana" (thumbnail) "libertad" (thumbnail) "Weathering Storm" (thumbnail) "Portals' Edge" (thumbnail) "The Bullfighter" (thumbnail) "Fatherhood" (thumbnail) "Mother Earth" (thumbnail) "Haves' and Haves' Not" (thumbnail) "Mamma Elephant and Babies" (thumbnail) "Green in Winter" (thumbnail) "Life" (thumbnail) "Six Degrees of Separation" (thumbnail) "Tiers of Life" (thumbnail) "Tiers of Life" (thumbnail) Falling Forward" (thumbnail) "Between Us" (thumbnail)
3:00 A.M. (large view)
3:00 A.M.
Terracota original. >
18" H x 22" W