Sacred Moment

“Sacred Moment”
Size: 18” H x 11” W x 9” D approx.

Offered in:
Bronze, Ltd. Ed. 9.
Hydrocal casting. Limited Edition 9

Many life changes come unexpectedly, while others are proactive, made by choice. “Sacred Moment” is a proactive change propelled by intuition, sensitivity, and belief in yourself. This piece captures moments before her leap of faith.

Understanding the symbols:

Front side
The Ohm symbol, which looks like the number 30, is a universal sacred symbol. Known generally as the sound of the universe. Ohm is all encompassing, the essence of reality, and unifies everything in the universe.
The Lotus flower, represents the transcending of the human spirit over worldly matters.

Back side
There are many paths we can choose to take. Each leading us to different lessons.
The Buddha wheel represents the Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha. Buddhism is not a religion. It’s a philosophy which teaches us ways to deal with life’s adversities, challenges & changes.