VP Kamala Harris

Madame Vice President Kamala Harris
Option #1 Bronze
Ltd. Ed. of 9

Option #2 Hydrocal (Sculpture casting material)
Hydrocal castings are each individually hand painted Ltd. Ed. 25

Created circa 2021

Patina of your choice. Color swatches available.

To be frame as a painting. Frame not included.
Having a first VP woman, and a woman of color, is a big deal! Excellent role model for young girls. This is beyond politics, it's a symbol of progress and equality for women, one inch at a time.
I included the following symbols:
Kamala means lotus flower in India
The stripes feature African textile designs. I wanted to honor both of her heritages
The drops, nourishment to the lotus and our collective hope and desire for a better country.
I wanted to depict her beautiful smile, her emblematic pearl necklace and business suit.

Plus shipping and taxes if applicable.